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PS 16 12

Plenum boxes, hollow turn vane, dampers, turbines bases, filter bases, and leader heads.

PLATE STRAP 1-1/2" X 12" 16 GA

Item # PS 16 12
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1-7/16" wide X12" long 16 gauge metal plate strap.
Attaches to wood framing to protect copper linesets
from being drilled or nailed into. Aka FHA strap.
100 pcs to a box
*** ESPANOL ***
1-7/16"X12" de largo 16 calibra de par en par la correa de la
placa del metal. Fijaciones a la madera que enmarca para protege
cables contra perforaciones o de ser clavados. Correa de Aka
FHA.100 PC a una caj