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About Us

General Metals Manufacturing and Supply Company is an Arizona corporation and has been an industry leader for innovative products and ideas in the H.V.A.C. industry since 1952. We were the first to:

  • Introduce fiberglass duct board to the industry and fabricate the product. 
  • Introduce a closure system for fiberglass duct board and the patented machinery for fabrication of the system. 
  • Patent a new technique for fabrication and assembly of gable louvers and dormer vents. 
  • Patent a speed lock system for fiberglass duct board that cuts its own hole instead of using the antiquated knife system. 
  • Design hardware, software and implement robotics to manufacture products used in our industry. 
  • Introduce personalized monogrammed steel products in Arizona. 
  • Introduce a "turn key" quoting system. With this system we drop off all products needed for a job in our trailers at the job site. The trailers are rented to you and alleviate labor costs while insuring job security. 
  • Offer an on-line service to our customers which provides access to information on our computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can price out jobs, check current stock and view an extended description on the items, view your account status, check individual invoices and place purchase orders. You can even fax a copy of your processed account invoices to yourself. When you're online with General Metals, you can work at your convenience. 
  • With our on-line purchase order program, you can place an order when you need to. It gives you a running total of the items you purchase. You'll know the total cost and availability of items and avoid time pursuing costly back-orders and pricing errors. When you finalize your purchase order, it is sent directly to our computer system, and you can Fax yourself a copy of the Purchase Order. 
  • Develop a CD-ROM catalog. Use your computer to find product information, prices, spec sheets, drawings, MSDS and more. You can find the product information you need with the list of merchandise classes in the table of contents or use the search engine to find information by manufacture's name, the item number or key words. Use your printer to create hard copy of selected portions of the CD catalog and take them with you to the job site. A great resource for product information, pictures and drawings.

General Metals is a very diverse company with products ranging from sheet metal screws and duct tape to fully automated coil lines, plasma cutters and robots. We supply H.V.A.C. contractors with everything they need to complete installation on any building, from a single house, a 1500 unit apartment complex, 500 homes abroad, a grocery store, a 15 story office complex to a replacement register, or an evaporative cooler, any project large or small. We have 150,000 square feet under roof and several million dollars invested in buildings, machinery and inventory.

Our manufacturing facility, with support from our three whole sale divisions can take on any job. Please feel free to visit our manufacturing facility and see for yourself how teaming up with General Metals can increase your overall performance and profitability!

  • Phoenix Location

    2727 W Weldon Ave

    Phoenix, AZ 85017

    Office: (602) 264-4815

  • Tucson Location

    1250 S Euclid Ave

    Tucson, AZ 85713

    Office: (520) 622-5855

  • Manufacturing

    2929 W Weldon Ave

    Phoenix, AZ 85017

    Office: (602) 263-9607