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LS 7/8 NW

6" lengths 3/8" thick tube insulation. Copper Linesets 50'. Copper fittings. Pricing in "RED" is a Quantity break item.

7/8X3/8X1/2 50' NO WIRE LINESET

Item # LS 7/8 NW
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  • 50' length 7/8"od suction x 3/8"od liquid line copper lineset.
  • No wire and 3/8 thick tube insulation. R 2.5

  • Bulk packaging. 22.00#'s.


  • 50' longitud 7/8" od succión x 3/8" od línea líquida cobre tubería de cobre.
  • No alambre y tubo de 3/8 grueso aislamiento.
  • Envasado a granel. 22.00#s.